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Located in the beautiful greater Vancouver area, PharmaPlanter Technologies Inc. is a biotechnology company with a mission to develop products and technologies that enhance people's health.


As a key component of Canada's National Strategy, the country is dedicated to promoting biotechnology developments by offering a range of tax incentives and grants. Canada actively fosters the emergence of biotech startups through its robust funding network.

At PharmaPlanter Technologies Inc., we have established an integrated technology platform that is surrounded by researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions, and government bodies that facilitate the translation of research discoveries into health products and technological solutions in an efficient and economical manner.

Technology Platform

One Stop
CRO Service

We offer contract research services to client companies, supporting their R&D efforts to advance technology and product development. Our services include research modeling, preclinical evaluations, and industrial-scale technology development.

Wet Lab &
Virtual Lab

Our state-of-the-art wet lab allows clients to conduct an array of different types of experiments related to your life science businesses.
The ability to perform experiments from anywhere is the new reality for many pharmaceutical, biotech, and medtech businesses, rather than just an expectation.

Animal Facility

Utilizing our Licensed Animal Facility, we assist clients in conducting animal studies, which are essential to support the in vivo stage of preclinical programs.

Meet Our Partnered Scientists

Dr. Poul Sorensen

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Savvas G. Hatzikiriakos

Academic Research Collaborator

Dr. Nahum Sonenberg

Scientific Advisory Board Chair

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