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What is Global Incubation Program?

Program overview

The Global Incubation Program is a comprehensive three-phase support initiative tailored for global entrepreneurs. Each phase spans a duration of 6 months where personalized one-on-one support is provided.

Partnering with Pharmaplanter, entrepreneurs can capitalize on the following advantages:

●      Complimentary office and working space

●      One-on-one mentorship and expert advice

●      Product development and client validation

●      Access to resources and networks

●      Connect with multiple funds options

●      Premium business landing services

Phase 1

The early stage of start-up incubation is a critical period in the development of any emerging business. It serves as a time for experimentation, learning, and formulating effective strategies to propel the business forward.
During this phase, entrepreneurs must focus on creating a sustainable business model and executing it effectively. The emphasis is on laying a solid foundation for future growth and success.

Phase 2

The second phase spans 6 months. During this time, entrepreneurs will gain access to in-person co-working. The Global incubation team will provide support to help you launch your business in North America. Working with Pharmaplanter, entrepreneurs can benefit from the following:

●      Mentorship and coaching sessions

●      Business counseling

●      Industry compliance

●      Funding services

●      Marketing strategy support

Phase 3

During the final phase, the Global Incubation team will provide 6 months of intensive support. The team will assist your business in refining marketing strategies and enhancing customer acquisition efforts to position your business for sustainable growth.

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